What do we know about the CMRs and KEFs in Australia's N and NW regions?

In 2016, researchers from Project D1 of the Marine Biodiversity Hub of the National Environmental Science Programme used publicly available datasets to identify where physical and biological data exist across the Commonwealth Marine Reserves and Key Ecological Features of Australia's N and NW regions. Learn more by reading chapter 3 in the 2017 FINAL REPORT. Scroll down or use the chart below to see maps that show the results.


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CMRs - physical CMRs - biological KEFs - physical KEFs - biological
Multi-beam bathymetry Hard coral Multi-beam bathymetry Hard coral
RAN bathymetry Soft coral RAN bathymetry Soft coral
Physical oceanography Sponges Physical oceanography Sponges
  Brittle stars   Brittle stars
  Polychaetes   Polychaetes
  Molluscs   Molluscs
  Marine mammals   Marine mammals
  Sea turtles   Sea turtles
  Seabirds   Seabirds
  Demersal fish   Demersal fish
  Demersal sharks and rays   Demersal sharks and rays
  Pelagic fish   Pelagic fish
  Pelagic sharks and rays   Pelagic sharks and rays

North West Commonwealth Marine Reserves Key Ecological Features

Published on
8 December 2016

The map below shows the location of all multibeam bathymetry (shaded red) currently held by Geosc