Where does physical oceanography data exist for N and NW Australia's Commonwealth Marine Reserves?

Researchers from Project D1 of the Marine Biodiversity Hub of the National Environmental Science Programme present this interactive map-based summary of where physical oceanography data exists in the Commonwealth Marine Reserves of the N and NW regions.

Oceanographic data was sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology, the Royal Australian Navy, Integrated Marine Observing System - IMOS, the CSIRO, Ships of Opportunity, and Geoscience Australia. This includes measurements of winds, waves, turbidity, salinity, temperature, ocean productivity, sediment composition, nutrient concentrations and other oceanographic properties.

How to use the map

Full extent icon Click on this icon at the top left of the map to see a full screen version.
Zoom Icon Click on this icon also at the top left of the map to zoom in closer to (+) or further from (-) the map.

Click on any square within a CMR to see whether or not oceanographic data from a range of sources exists in that location. Each dataset is listed as a column in the table. A value of 1 indicates that data for it exists in that location and a 0 that it does not. The column 'oceanograp' gives the number of different oceanographic data sets that exist in that location.