Indigenous Knowledge

Indigenous Australians have been managing their land and sea Country in North West Australia for more than 40,000 years. With spiritual beliefs and way of life closely linked to Country, Indigenous Australians have an intimate knowledge of their environment deeply embedded in their culture, language, traditions and stories.

Representing the Traditional Owners of North West Australia, the Kimberley Ranger Network provides the frontline in current management practices in the region. Using a combination of traditional knowledge, western science and modern technologies to improve marine conservation and management outcomes, the Rangers are tasked with protecting the unique biodiversity values of this beautiful region.

Working hand-in-hand with research scientists from a range of organisations, the Rangers and scientists share their different knowledge and expertise to improve understanding and management of the region. Some of these shared research initiatives are highlighted below.


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Published on
16 December 2019
Bardi-Jawi Marine Rangers partner with marine scientists to research fish and coral recruitment processes in the Kimberley.
Published on
23 November 2018

Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) in Australia are voluntarily dedicated by Indigenous groups on Indigenous owned or m

Published on
9 December 2016

Native title is the recognition in Australian law that some

Published on
29 November 2016

An Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) is an agreement about the use and management of land and waters made between people who hold,

Published on
16 June 2016
To-date, little attention has been paid to the social values associated with marine parks. However, understanding peoples’ needs and values is essential for effective marine park planning and management.