Coral reef ecoregions of the Oceanic Shoals CMR and beyond

Coral reefs support a diverse array of life, including hard and soft corals, sponges, macroalgae and fish. Yet reefs are under threat from increasingly frequent episodes of unusually warm ocean water which can harm or kill them (coral bleaching), changes in the pH of the ocean which reduces their ability to build their skeletons (ocean acidification), as well declining water quality, intermittent storms and other impacts.

Protecting reefs requires knowledge where coral species of various types are found. To that end, Charlie Veron and colleagues have mapped the location of coral ecoregions around the world. Use the interactive map to see what coral ecoregions are found within the Oceanic Shoals CMR and beyond. You can learn more about a given ecoregion here.

How to use the map

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