Dr Cordelia Moore

Cordelia is the Scientific Editor of the North West Atlas and a joint Research Associate with Curtin University, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and Western Australian Fisheries. Cordelia’s research is focused on assessing and improving the spatial management of our marine environment. Currently she is leading a large collaborative research effort examining the sustainable management Australia’s north-west marine region. 

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Marine scientists are supercharging marine research using remote sensing technologies and increased computing power to reveal secrets from one of the most remote and pristine marine regions in Australia.
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Dr Radford explains how he uses sound to explore and map deeper 'hidden' coral reefs of the Timor Sea. It is only recently that these reefs have started to be documented. Many remain undiscovered.
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Research into Australia's north west oceanic shoals have found them to support exceptional species diversity with fish richness greater than that found on similar submerged reefs on the Great Barrier Reef.