Towed Video deployments in Timor Sea Banks and Shoals (Montara 2)

PreviewTowed Video surveys down to a depth of ~50 m was completed successfully all at the following 9 banks and shoals (Baracuda East and West Shoals, Sheldon Shoal, Wave Governor Bank, Heywood Shoal, Echuca Shoal, Goeree Shoal, Eugene McDermott Shoal, Vulcan Shoal). Sampling involved habitat classification conducted in real-time during the surveys, and taking photographic still image at 10 s intervals for subsequent analysis as the cameras were towed across the shoals at a speed of 1-2 knots. Sampling (as kms of shoal surveyed) was scaled according to the size of the shoals and varied between ~6 km at the smallest shoal (Wave Governor bank) to >40 km at the largest shoal (Heywood Shoals). In total towed video was conducted over ~200 km of the banks and shoals.