Surveys of deep water benthic communities using towed video in Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia (WAMSI Node 3 Project 1 Subproject 3.1.1)

PreviewA total of 365 towed video transects were completed in the 2006/2007 surveys. The sampling has identified a vast array of habitats and will be used for broad scale mapping of benthic communities in the marine park, however further transect tows will be conducted in 2008 in areas of special interest, where sampling is considered limited and where ground-truthing is required. Towed video sampling effort was concentrated around Mandu, Osprey, Yardie, Winderabandi and Point Cloates in 2006. In 2007, to ensure adequate sampling effort throughout the marine park, sampling was stratified at 5 km intervals from Point Murat to Red Bluff conducting 3-4 transects from the back of the reef out to the seaward marine park boundary at each point.